Today marked a moment. A year ago, Donald Trump became President of the United States. I don’t like Trump or what he stands for, but Donald Trump is not the problem. He is the product of the problem.

We have the ability to choose and change our lives. Predestination is a myth for those unable to accept that they are at the mercies of random occurance.

People, not fate, elected Donald Trump. They were frustrated and needed someone to blame. Others saw him as a manifestation of their beliefs, a leader for their bigotry. Some, desperate and alone, just took a chance. No matter the reason, they chose Donald Trump to lead them. He is their product.

Look at Jesus. Forget all of the religious stuff and just look at the man. He presented a revolutionary idea. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Love. Not exploit. Not envy. Not hate. Love. It’s time to love.


Energy moves in waves. The waves can be manipulated, conducted, and directed. Your day is yours to control. Begin by giving yourself happiness. The journey to understanding begins with you. Touch your soul. Nourish yourself with feeling and emotion. Embrace connection. Embrace the physical to nourish the quantum. Do not resist making yourself feel good. You control you. Don’t let society and social norms hold you down. Do what is right, what is good.

I begin my day with music that makes me smile.